When we talk about leaving a legacy it can be a little scary. I mean, this is like final sentence they’ll write about you! It can be a bit overwhelming to peg down exactly what you want your legacy to be. And, like it or not, you’re leaving one. There will be a final statement about you.

A legacy is a gift that you leave for future generations.

It’s a long-lasting mark that can serve as a guide and an example. A legacy can also be a warning for others of what not to do. It’s difficult for us to define what exactly we want our legacy to be because our minds just don’t operate that way. We think, “Other people, dead people, leave a legacy.” In our timeless minds we aren’t there yet. It seems that there’s no need to worry about it. We can just keep living life and our legacy will take care of itself. I can relate to this thinking, but it’s wrong.

Knowing and defining our legacy can be one of the most powerful tools for Narrowing the Gap!

It provides a filter that helps us make so many choices. Having this filter can eliminate needless worry, struggle, and confusion. If we know what we want to leave and how we want that to look, then many choices and options we are faced with can be answered or eliminated. This saves energy that we need available in order to create the life that we will leave as an example to others.

Creating a legacy works like gravity.

It becomes a living force, like a magnet that draws us forward. It is an energy that propels us and keeps us on the right path as we work to Narrow the Gap. Life has so many choices and options. A clearly defined legacy creates momentum that will allow you to do things you could have never done without it.

It’s like that bench press you could never lift without just a tiny bit of help from your spotter… Creating a legacy offers this same boost that protects and assists us.

Are you mindlessly letting your legacy happen, or are you committed to creating the one you want?


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