As I have entered into a new business this past year, I’ve found that it is really easy and exciting to do a lot of great learning, researching, and studying. There are even tons of amazing mentors who I look to to help me grow as an individual and in business. However, this can be distracting. It can make me second guess the path and the groundwork I am laying for my business because there is so much great knowledge out there. I have to remind myself:

These people are good guides, but ultimately, I have everything I need to succeed. And so do you. This January, don’t resolve to change yourself… resolve to become MORE of who you already are! You have gifts, talents, and genius inside. It’s time to discover what that genius is and how to use it.

First, figure out what differentiates you from the pack and consciously use it everyday. Don’t follow the formula that someone else uses, just to get results. When you put energy into developing, creating, and implementing someone else’s strategies, even though they don’t suit you, you are wasting everyones time. In my business, there are plenty of teachers, speakers, authors, coaches, mentors, and so on, who offer to give you RESULTS. For some reason this word, “RESULTS” doesn’t sit well with me. I would get so-called RESULTS and still feel hollow and a little bored.  Why?  Because I wasn’t spending time doing the things I am naturally good at, or doing the things that make a difference to me and connect me to others.

In other instances, I did things the Tim way.

I followed my GUT, staying true to my strengths and passions instead of “working on my weaknesses,” and guess what happened? I had MORE success and fulfillment. This is where the real gold is… in you. We all have or own type of genius, we just have to unlock it.

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