The principle of Narrowing the Gap is vital to every single person’s existence. As a society, we are living small lives. Our belief in our abilities does not match the truth of our capabilities, a true crisis of potential. Generally speaking, we’re way to satisfied with average. We are leaving so much on the table that we either feel we don’t deserve or simply have no clue how to access.

Anyone can replicate a system to achieve an outcome. That is different than uncovering our ability to create. The inherent ability to create is one that has unlimited capacity. This capacity is one that generates energy and enhances the life of all who come in contact with it. It’s not an energy that needs to feed off of others in order to grow while leaving destruction in its wake.  The creative force which we all posses ignites win-win scenarios. 

Since the beginning of time we’ve used our creative nature to develop things that satisfy our basic needs and improve our lives.

I feel that it’s in our nature to continue this journey and always be pushing our creative limits. Without this pursuit there is a void that will be filled with stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter. I guarantee that when your days are done and you look back, you won’t wish you would’ve finished Season 6 of Breaking Bad. It is highly likely however that you’ll look back and say, “Hmm, did I fulfill my purpose in life?” You may never know what that is, or if the answer is yes, but you’ll know whether you tried or not.

The amount of information available to us is really baffling, and functions as a double-edged sword. In our desire to create, we can get lost in a sea of information instead of steering our own ship and charting our own course. All of Google’s endless information can help guide us but, ultimately, we have our own source of information. It’s the same source that our forefathers used to create and discover.

The source is unique to each of us and available to all, it’s where authentic inspiration exists.

I call this source: Gut. Mostly because I like to say that word Gut, but also because there is power and a universal knowing to its meaning. Most of us see our Gut as a trustworthy guide that can override logical thinking. Not to discount all logical information as useless, but when approached from the lens of Gut, we’ll be less likely to get confused and lost on the many detours and side roads that Google takes us down.

This guide is always working on us. It’s why it is rare to see someone just pack it in and quit.  Almost all of us are working, trying to improve, knowing that somewhere inside we have the ability to grow and achieve a greater potential. Our inner knowing can take a huge beating and still function, like a seed that never dies. 

There is a gap between the life we live and life we know we’re capable of living. 

I’ve made it my purpose to provide a map and tools to help others Narrow that Gap. I have had a knowledge and feeling of this “unlived life” for as long as I can remember. I have listened to my Gut and been open to its guidance and as a result, lived a life rich in experiences and success throughout many different genres and fields.

You can enhance your ability to reach your potential and live a life of meaning while having more fun! It’s time to Narrow The Gap…

For more on your “unlived life” check out this book by Steven Pressfield.

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