IMG_1127Wow, that title makes it sound like I might know what to say.  “A how to” on what to do when 5 months of your life,  a huge goal/dream, and thousands of dollars go down the drain suddenly, and quite inexplicably.

Well I don’t.  All I can do is tell you our experiences.

We have approached this past year and a half or so of our lives with a pretty simple attitude.  Basically:  Let’s go all in, on everything we try, and see where we get with it.  We did this consciously, prayerfully, and because we felt it was the right thing for us and our family.  We knew we were not really reaching the potential that was inside of us as individuals or as a family.  It’s so easy to be stuck in comfortable.  Comfortable is nice.  Comfortable is safe.  Comfortable was starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable to us.  So we started looking for a new challenge.  A new way to make an impact.  This searching lead us to Whitefish, Montana.  We found a property that we were compelled to make an offer on, and we felt this was going to happen.  It was a very stressful, crazy, and learning experience for us.  With out getting too deep into the details and publicly throwing people under the bus, let us just say this:

Things were communicated to us differently than they actually were.

Greed is ugly and makes people do dumb things.

We did not protect ourselves enough and chose to trust someone who did not have our best interest at heart.

The result of these things, is that the deal on the property we hoped to buy, fell through.  It sent us reeling.  We had invested a lot into making this dream a reality.  We were both in shock for a few days, or maybe more.  Then we had to pull on our grown up pants, and figure out what was next.  We had to find a longer term rental, since we had only secured a short term rental due to our belief that we would be closing on the property right away.  So we moved. Twice.  It’s kind of complicated, but we moved to another teeny tiny short term rental on Oct 1, then got word that the deal fell through, so found a longer term rental and moved again on Oct 3.  Then we had to go move all of our belongings which we had stored on the property we were going to buy.  Awkward.  The blow was somewhat softened by the amount of people who showed up to help us.  While this was happening, we found out that our home in Boise was being rented by someone who was deliberately breaking the lease, and we were going to have to evict.  (And the hits just keep on coming).  I admit to having 2 very weepy days where I could claim a mental breakdown was happening.  Keeping it real.

Creek running into Whitefish Lake near our house.
Creek running into Whitefish Lake near our house

The good news is, that despite the deal falling through, there was a certain amount of peace that we both had, knowing that we had followed the call, and were in the right place.  So we knew we would just have to figure out what was next.  Being suddenly plan-less, really opened our eyes to the possibilities.  We began looking around us at other properties, and people who we do trust, who may not even know the extent of what was happening began making suggestions about places to look, people to talk to, and things to consider.

Our neighborhood bear, eating some apples...
Our neighborhood bear, eating some apples…


Fall colors always make me happy.
Fall colors always make me happy.









Have we landed on a Plan B?  Not exactly, but we are getting there.  Things have been popping up.  We will open a Chiropractic office soon, and we have our eye on a couple of other properties.  Ironically these properties may turn out to be SO MUCH more than what we had originally thought we were moving up here for.  But, I will wait until something is a done deal before I blab too much about it.  But I do think that the vision of what Tim hopes to accomplish, who he wants to impact, and how that will happen is becoming clearer to him, every day.

The Fisher Man
The Fisher Man

The biggest difficulty for me personally is not letting self-doubt take over.  This experience has made me question my own ability to navigate making large decisions.  It’s a unique lesson to learn, that Plan A may have merit, and you may feel like it is the right thing, miracles may even happen along the way, and then: It. Might. Not. Work. Out.  (Which is obviously also part of the plan that I just don’t happen to be privy to).  Did I mention I am a bit of a control freak, so I really don’t like it when my plans don’t line up with THE MASTER PLAN, and then I have to go on faith??  So there’s that.  But, I also know, that when ever this type of situation arises, there is growth that happens, and blessings that multiply and expand and get even bigger than I could have imagined, so I am trying to get out of the way and be patient. (Also, not my strong suit).

Perks:  Great Grandma and Grandparents are much closer.
Perks: Great Grandma and Grandparents are much closer.

People may think we are crazy.  Or ridiculous.  Or insane.  I guess we are all those things.  But I also feel like we are braver, stronger, closer, and more humble than we have ever been, so that can’t be a bad thing.  At least we are trying something, and we sure as heck are way past COMFORTABLE.

We are so outdoorsy these days...
We are so outdoorsy these days…

9 thoughts on “What to do when Plan A falls through and there is no Plan B (Words from the Wife)

  1. I’m going through that phase too.
    The day I was to meet my fiancé parents and get the keys to his condo he was deployed again. It’s been a month, have only heard from him twice but still no phone number or keys. Luckily my lease isn’t up til Dec but my current income disappears then!!!
    Feeling stressed!!!! Praying for his safe return!!!!

  2. Really look up to guys for living your dream. It’s not like you don’t always have a back up plan. You just keep working for the dream, and I really admire that. Look forward to visiting you so much closer. love you guys

  3. As my mentor would say “this or something better with no attachment to the outcome.”

    You’re an extraordinary family on a wild journey right now and you inspire me!

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