Vision. We throw this word around like it should inspire us just by mere mention.

What is it?

The basic definition of vision is seeing with our eyes, right? When we refer to vision in life, business, family, or relationships it seems to require sight without our eyes, but more with our mind. This leads me to think vision is the static version of visualization.

We go to great lengths to have clear vision because life is harder when it isn’t.

Glasses, lasik surgery, and eye exercises are all for that purpose. Our vision for what we desire in life needs to be just as clear, yet we don’t make the investment in it that we should.

You know those crazy moments when you actually feel your greatness? We all get these “glimpses” that answer the question, “What am I capable of?” Those are moments we actually see ourselves doing what we’ve always dreamed of. Doing the impossible.

THAT is vision: seeing yourself at your highest and best.

If you don’t create a vision there will be a default vision created for you. The world has too many people who want to control you and will work hard to put a picture in your mind of who you are and what you need.

You have no choice but to create your own vision. Be careful what vision you develop. I’ve used creating vision, in various forms, all my life. It has never failed me. I can manifest what my dominant and most developed vision is. Beware: that is not always a good thing…

What do you think about vision? Tell me in the comments below! If you’re serious about developing a clear vision for your life, then sign up for my “Behind The Chutes” webinar series and learn to make it happen.

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