True StoryYesterday, I had the privilege to be interviewed by an awesome local Boise man, Mark Hartenstein. He’s writing a book about leadership and success.

A portion of his book is dedicated to stories of people who have overcome obstacles in their lives and gone on to accomplish amazing things.

I was honored and humbled to be chosen to be a part of this book. We talked for a while before this as he explained the concept and direction the book was headed. He told me that there is a lot of stuff out there with systems, steps, ways, how-to’s, ect. on how people can succeed and get things done. But what he feels is the most powerful tool for success are the STORIES of those that have overcome major obstacles and got stuff done. Mark is a smart guy!

I agree that story is the most powerful teaching tool out there.

First of all, nothing connects us together like a story. Uri Hassen did studies on FMRI and showed that when we listen to a story our brain actually synchronizes with the one telling the story. Talk about connection!

Second, I know that when I hear a story I automatically associate that story to relationships and circumstances in my own life. If someone is telling of his relationship with his dad, I immediately think of my own dad. This puts us into the story. It creates real emotion.

Emotion is the key ingredient to change.

Third, stories give us hope. Hearing of someone who could be just like us overcoming obstacles, and winning, gives us hope. There is reason that Chicken Soup books sell fifty bazillion copies! Stories with hope sell because we need hope. We crave inspiration.

Fourth, stats and facts don’t induce change. Telling me to change my diet because heart disease kills millions is less effective than telling me a story about one child who lost her dad at a young age because he ate like crap. One is a statistic and the other is a tragedy.

If you want someone to remember a fact or figure, tie it into a story! The Clayman Institute at Stanford found that stories are remembered 22x more than facts alone.  TWENTY TWO!!  Next time you have something you really want someone to know, be like Mark, use a story.

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