Chapter 1: Oh, Canada

Born and ratim-boxingised in a rural, small town on the Canadian prairie, Tim Dudley’s childhood was a unique blend of Tom Sawyer type adventure and devotion to succeeding in sports. Raised in a town where being the best was not just hoped for, but expected, (have you seen the movie Hoosiers?) can be both a blessing and a curse. Tim had many pivotal events growing up that defined the principles he lives by and teaches today. A few include: being “held back” in school, seeing the movie, “Rocky” for the first time then taking up boxing, and having a double knee surgery in high school when all that mattered was football.

Chapter 2: Defining Capable

Tim Dudley, A Man Named Tim, Narrow the Gap, keynote speakerAfter being cut from his college football team, flunking out of college, and getting dumped by his girlfriend, Tim made the decision to do the next “logical” thing…become a cowboy. Tim spent the next year and half traveling around western Canada and the U.S. learning to ride a bucking horse, eventually becoming the College National Champion bareback rider. What he learned from rodeo has become the foundation for his Narrow The Gap framework for success. He then served two years for his church in the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri. Tim overcame many obstacles by using his natural ability to relate to others, and his sweet break dancing skills.

Chapter 3: Build a Foundation

Tim attended 4x6University of Lethbridge, in Canada, and then Parker Chiropractic school in Dallas, Texas. He married Kara in 1996, graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1998, and relocated to Boise, Idaho. Tim established an extremely successful practice based on principles he learned during a very difficult first three years of business. Tim created a lucrative business based on his ability to communicate, be authentic, and commitment to refining this skills of his profession. For 17 years, Tim has grown his business, grossing over 500K yearly, maintained an incredible staff and done this with essentially no external marketing or gimmicks.

Before long, Tim had many opportunities to mentor and speak to others who wanted his secret formula for success.

Chapter 4: Give ’em all you’ve got…

After 16 years of running this successful business, Tim knew it was time for a new challenge. He has always read, attended seminars, and had mentors to propel him forward, challenge and motivate him. He started to feel his gut tugging him toward becoming a speaker, teacher, writer, and mentor.  Tim is founder of Jolt Summit, a seminar that takes place throughout the country teaching others how to be the very best in life and business. He is one of only 33 Fascination Advantage® Certified Advisors, which focuses on identifying and using your unique advantages to deliver your highest value in virtually any situation.  He is the founder of A Man Named Tim Inc, the company devoted to training others to achieve success.

founder, Jolt Boise, Jolt Summit, keynote speakerFrom individual clients to training events at large corporate conventions, Tim takes every engagement seriously and knows how to truly connect with anyone. Whether it’s a keynote speech, a 2 day event, or if you are lucky enough to be one of his few coaching clients, Tim will teach you how to tap into your gut, take action, and achieve phenomenal results. He will empower you to dream bigger, work harder, and leverage the God-given gifts you have been given. Using his original insight and unorthodox approach, Tim will take you from where you are comfortable, to where you are capable. He is engaging, energetic, and entertaining. The message he delivers will change your life.