When I discovered the principle of Narrowing The Gap, it was to achieve a specific outcome: to be the best bareback rider I was capable of being.

I was able to invest my time, money, and soul into improving this skill. After consistently making all of these investments and a number of sacrifices, other people started noticing my improvements. There was a temptation at this point to relax a bit on the investments and sacrifices because my work was paying off and I was reaping cultural rewards.

This point in the journey is what I call THE RUT. 

The Rut is a level of achievement that many people are happy with. One word that I think of when I think of The Rut is “adequate.” In our culture, most people see The RUT as the goal or the “I’ve made it” moment; to be like everyone else, to be accepted, and to achieve the status quo.

You know what I’m talking about, it’s a very crowded space. It’s where almost all businesses, schools, and people reside. Not to say you have to Narrow The Gap and become a pro in every aspect of life. It’s okay to be adequate at a wide range of things. I suppose it makes you well-rounded. But, if you want to Narrow The Gap and achieve your ultimate potential on one perspective area, then The Rut is something you need to be aware of and avoid at all costs. 

Here are some characteristics of The Rut that will help you recognize and avoid it.

1) It’s noisy! The Rut is full of noise and distraction. All the noise keeps you from listening to your badass self. As long as you’re distracted, you’re not making the impact you’re capable of and The Rut loves that.

2) There are crazy amounts of choice. When you are stuck in the rut, all that noise is choice. The Rut is a great place for marketers because there is a vast number of people either watching TV or staring at phones with speakers in their ears.

Choices aren’t all bad. There are a lot of good choices like books, hobbies, kids, sports, church activities, volunteering, etc. However, this can be overwhelming and the busyness can keep you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing, so be mindful of your busyness.

3) People who are in The Rut love company. You won’t have trouble finding things to do here. There are lots of sporting events, movies, blogs, things to watch and Tweet, and people to hang out with. In fact, people often wonder why you’d ever want to leave.

Warning: Try to leave The Rut and you’ll see that many of your friends think you’re a little crazy. That’s okay, move forward anyway!

4) There is a lot of studying, reading, and self improvement available. There are thousands of books, DVDs, CDs, and programs to devour. This is the best secret The RUT has. It has the people who are wanting to leave The RUT fooled into thinking that reading stuff and having the “feel-good experience” will magically get you out.

I’ve saved the best for last…

The number one indicator that you’re in The Rut is… COMFORT! I know, I know…Comfort is what we strive for. If that is the case, then why are almost all people in the RUT miserable? Often, people who are in The Rut (we’ve all been there!) have a “feeling” that they could or should be doing more.

We all feel it at various times. We all have this feeling that guides us like our own North Star. The feeling reminds us that we’re capable of more. This is when the choice to take action is vital. Listen to that knowing, and move forward toward your potential.

Narrow the Gap. Go from being mindlessly stuck in The Rut to vigorously working to reach your potential. Why? Because regret sucks worse that failure, so go for it.

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