Dr. Craig Ellison | Ellison Chiropractic

I am excited to witness the affect Tim will have on others. He speaks from the heart, with passion and authenticity. There is no better way to teach than from emotion , and that is what he brings. I have seen many speakers over the years that inspire me and I believe Tim Dudley has what it takes to do the same. I look forward to seeing him on the biggest stages inspiring and empowering thousands.

Brandon Taylor | Owner, Taylor Family Dentistry

“Tim is an amazing speaker, person, and business leader. He has really figured things out. If you get a chance to hear him don’t miss it! I have been a friend and patient for years and he has really helped me out.”

Jon Ball | CEO, Page One Power & WTC Marketing

“Tim’s powerful storytelling pulled me in. I walked away with a powerful new insight that helped me to accomplish more with less effort.”