Bo Eason | Personal Story Power

“Tim’s presence on the stage is magnetic. His ability to create an authentic connection with his audience through personal experiences gives him enormous power to change lives. Tim meets you where you’re at, challenges you to aspire to more, and gives you the ability to achieve miraculous results.”

Megan Bryant | Founder, Idaho Laugh Fest & Zip Zap Zop

“I’ve had the chance to hear Tim speak on a couple of occasions now, and each time has been captivating and inspiring. A great speaker harnesses the ability to recant personal tales with an angle that can touch the audiences unique interests regardless of subject matter. Tim’s presentation style does just that. His attention to detail and willingness to share the intimacies of his adventures provide a venue in which listeners can attentively engage with him and prepare to uncover their own stories, leading to goal setting and new personal accomplishments.”

Dan Caldwell | Co-Founder & President of TapouT - Speaker, Dan Caldwell Speaks

“Tim has this special ability to connect deeply with his audience. This is the most critical step when acting as a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives. That ability combined with his personal message, makes him an incredibly effective speaker and mentor.”