I’ve struggled with the title of the workshop I’m teaching on April 30th. It’s called “Become Magnetic.” It either has too much 80s motivational speaker cheesiness to it, or it gives you the image of walking around having spoons, keys, and mailboxes slam into you all Magneto-like.

When I think of the term, “magnetic,” I see an invisible force that draws things toward it. It doesn’t require charging or batteries. Instead, it uses the natural charge that it was created with. We’re just like this image of a magnet. We come fully equipped with unique abilities and traits that can DRAW others effortlessly toward us.

That’s another word I like: EFFORTLESS.

Who doesn’t want something to be effortless? I’m all for hard work, but have you ever noticed that some of the best things in life don’t require us to strain? I’ve been thinking about a few key characteristics that the most magnetic people possess.

Here they are:

They are in their ELEMENT.

Sir Ken Robinson describes the Element as doing something that you’re good at, or having a natural aptitude and serious passion for. When you think about most people that we pay to watch, such as athletes, composers, actors, or musicians… they’re in their Element. You’ll stop to watch people who are in their Element even if you aren’t interested in what they do. A great example of this is all those TLC and Discovery Channel shows like Cake Wars, extreme fishing shows, mining… you get the picture. It’s hard to take your eyes off someone who is in their Element even if you have no interest in extreme fishing, or whatever it is they’re doing.

What is your Element? If you can figure out what your Element is and put yourself in a position to be in it more often, you’ll become Magnetic.

They are HUMBLE.

Humility is a very powerful characteristic. When I think of humility, I see someone who doesn’t judge. They listen with an open mind. They’re confident in their direction, but are open to learning from others. We’ve all talked with someone who has no judgement as they listen and are totally open to our views and opinions.

What an experience it is to be truly heard! It’s rare and very attractive when it happens.

These are the people that we seek out for advice and opinions. Humility is a unique characteristic because rather than taking your energy, it GIVES you energy!


A lot of Magnetic people don’t necessarily run with the crowd. They’re not afraid to be different. One of the biggest obstacles we face when working to achieve what we’re capable of is overcoming self-doubt; the fear of what others think or say about us.

The easiest way to avoid self-doubt is to be like everyone else because it’s safe. The problem is, you won’t stand out. When you don’t stand out, you don’t get noticed. When you don’t get noticed, it’s much harder to make a difference. I read a quote by Malcolm Muggeridge at a place that’s becoming one of my favorite spots, Pieology. My son Josh says it is like Subway but for pizza. Anyway, the quote was, “Only dead fish swim with the current.” I love this!

When you listen to your GUT, you will be guided to your most authentic and attractive self. What makes you different? Seek out those answers. If you find them, you will truly Become Magnetic.

Thanks for reading! What characteristics do you feel make people Magnetic? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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