In January of 2012 my mind was blown by the most unlikely source: Celine Dion.

I took the staff of Dudley Chiropractic to Vegas for the weekend for a seminar. My brother Cam scored me some tickets to see Celine’s show at Caesar’s while we were in town.

Being Canadian, I was feeling like I could take or leave the tickets. I have seen and heard a lot of Celine over the last 20 years and didn’t really feel the need to hear more. On the other hand my staff, Krista and Hailey, were excited to be in Vegas and the idea of a show had them pretty intrigued. We had three tickets and I wanted to bail but felt like maybe I should “chaperone,” so we made our way to the venue. 

As we were guided to our seat, the attendant eyed us up and down and had us follow him to the front of theatre, seating us dead center just three rows back from the stage. I realized why the attendant was eyeing us so oddly… we were in the middle of a section of Chinese high-roller VIP’s. The guy who got the tickets for my brother was their concierge. (Which of these things don’t belong?)

The lights went down and the production started. I’ll have to admit the stage was enormous and had the feel of a major production so I was anticipating something flashy. To my surprise Celine comes out all by herself, simply singing. It was really cool to see here in the flesh and to be so close! I will have to admit I was kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  She seemed so… real. Not just flesh and bone, but authentic. After her first song she was very casual and started telling stories, just real life stories about her life, career, kids, and her husband. 

I was mesmerized for the next two hours. I felt so many emotions and may have even shed a tear or two. I just kept saying, I like her, she’s so cool, down to earth, and I’d love to just chat with her. I’ve seen some big names and enjoyed their shows but never felt like this. I even bought a Celine picture for our staff meetings and was tempted to buy a shirt.  I was changed, and genuinely moved. I wanted to have an impact on the world the way she does. 

There is a reason she is loved and can draw millions to her show. Celine is at the top of her industry not for WHAT she does but for WHO she is. She is herself. Authentic, talented, and loves her work to the core. What is the secret? I don’t know the exact formula, but we can objectively look at the ingredients of the connection she made and learn to apply those ingredients to our lives.

Here is my take on how she fascinates millions and how we can follow suit:

1. She was herself. I know this is hard to measure or prove. She could be the biggest jerk for all I know and is fooling everyone, but I just don’t see it. We all have super evolved B.S. detectors now days. Mine is pretty dang good and in my opinion she was entirely authentic. 

Chew on this: What can you do to be more of yourself? (Hint: Anthem Building is a GREAT tool for this!)

2. She used the best connection tool known to man: stories. When she tells stories she breaks down a barrier of fame and riches and becomes purely human. The human experience is universal and when she talks about her family you can’t help but think of your family. The brain actually synchs together with a good storyteller, eliciting trust and connection. Try it!

3. She used her physical self to project her story and emotion. Our bodies can kick some ass. Think about the crazy stuff we can do. Use this tool by expressing confidence, standing tall, and connecting to the earth as you walk. Make eye fearless eye contact and watch people draw to you as if you’re a magnetic. It works for Celine…

4. She leveraged her strengths. Celine is know for her voice, and rightfully so. There were plenty of people in the production to play instruments and perform around her, but she utilizes her voice to it’s full potential. We can do the same thing by showcasing our strengths and having people around us that we trust to fill in our weaknesses.

5. Simple and easy to digest. She simplified her show down to the basic elements.  This put more focus on her and her message. There was no confusion to detract from her. Remember a confused mind, says no every time. Get some clarity on who you are and learn to express it in a digestible and authentic way. (Eh hem, build your Anthem.)

6. She connected immediately. Celine had no introduction, she just started the show and let us deal. It is so powerful to step into who you really are and present that version without asking permission.

You and I can apply these traits to our lives. It’s all about the commitment to authenticity. How would doing these six things effect your business, relationships, and overall impact on others? You have to commit fully to WHO you are, not WHAT you do. Do this and you’ll be able to sit back and watch the magic happen!

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