As a boxer, I was always scared… really scared.

It didn’t even matter how many fights the kid had won or if I was considered to be better boxer. I alway thought I could lose. I thought, “Can I really do this?” However, when the bell rang, something clicked. The doubts left and were replaced by something else, someone else.

I knew this person, but he only showed up at game-time.

Things slowed down, he took over, and when the match was over, he left, and I would wonder how I fought like that. This has been a theme in my life. When the pressure is on, another part of me takes over and gets stuff done. Is it like that for everyone? I know that we all have that other person who comes out to help when it’s game-time, so to speak. The key is how we call him out.

This is innately bred into each one of us. My son, Cooper, is the sweetest boy. He is becoming vaguely aware that even though he sometimes doubts his abilities, he knows he’s got more ability inside of him. At his wrestling practice the other day, he was being soundly walloped by an older, more experienced kid. Cooper wanted to quit. He looked at me for permission. When I gave none, he drew on something inside and fought back. He had more to give.

We all have more.

As adults, we can’t look to our Dad or anyone else to keep us going every time we want to quit. Too often we give ourselves permission to quit. We can’t quit!  Know that when your fear shows up, so will that other part of yourself, the one that is capable of doing and becoming more.  Invite that guy in to help you.

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