There are three things I do to get answers to life’s tough questions and none of them are “Google it.”


1. Do things that give you authentic joy.

I’m not talking about an occasional laugh or watching a funny movie. I’m talking about real joy. The word “authentic” is key here because it must be unique to you. Is it playing music by yourself, singing karaoke, fishing, writing, reading, running, or hiking? If you could do whatever you wanted tomorrow, what would it be? If it would be hard for you to sleep tonight because you’re thinking about tomorrow… that’s what I’m talking about. This type of authentic joy is incredibly powerful!

Moments of authentic joy that are planned and harvested can provide answers to your most pressing questions. They provide a barometer to measure how you feel when you know something is right. These moments are also clues as to how you can make the greatest impact.

Your ability to Narrow The Gap is dependent upon your ability to experience authentic joy. So, figure out what gives you that feeling and schedule more of it. When you’re connected in this way, you’ll get answers. Have your journal handy because the thoughts you have in this state provide the most clarity on your journey to Narrowing The Gap.

2. Take care of your physical self… in a spiritual way.

We need to exercise to Narrow The Gap. A unhealthy “meat suit” isn’t going to take you as far as you want to go. You must be able to physically handle the journey.

But, assume you’re already taking care of yourself physically. There is another level necessary to bring clarity to an already clear connection, which can be supercharged! We have a spirit and a body, and certain practices can benefit both.

For example, there are types of movement that encourage you to flow with purpose and grace that act as a catalyst to clear your connection. I resisted Yoga for years. Luckily, one day I drove by a car that I’d seen a 100 times with a Bikram Yoga sticker on it. This 101st time I must have been more open and got a little jolt. I went to some classes at the Bikram studio by my house and began to see the benefit.

I lost weight and had more energy and muscle tone, but the real benefit was clarity. I could see things more clearly in my business and it began to change and grow. My yoga practice became a secret weapon; a tool for connection to ANSWERS. I shared my secret with many of my patients and it became a great healing addition in my chiropractic office.

Yoga was the instrument I was guided to, but there are tons of practices that can have the same benefit. I’ll bet you’ve had the same jolt or internal nudging as I did. Seek out a practice like yoga, tai chi, chi gong; something that has deep roots and a spiritual base.

3. Make humble commitments.

You know about the basics of a commitment. You probably learned about it through an experience similar to mine. My dad taught me about it with the phrase, “No half assin’ it,” when I started boxing as a kid. This is a vital type of commitment to get you through trials on your path. I’m talking about a type of commitment that’s even deeper and bigger than that.

I compare it to how Joseph was committed to Mary and that whole situation. He was a bit reluctant. The angel helped, but I’ll bet it was still really hard. We look back now and it all turned out fine, but in that moment Joseph had it rough! He could’ve bailed and said, “Forget this! I didn’t sign up for it!”

But he had to commit to a will higher than his. He had a calling that chose him.

You have a calling like that, too, but you have to listen. You need to employ committed humility to your challenges. This is a reverent commitment to being who you’re capable of. Humility allows for help in the form of answers that come through a clear connection.

When you’re connected, you have access to infinite energy and answers. What you do and say will be necessary and true. You’ll appear gentle while commanding respect because what you know and teach is powerful.

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