blog, goals, vision, Tim Dudley, Narrow the GapA goal is a target that we must “drive” toward or reach for. A vision is an emotive power that provides energy, pulling us forward with its energy.

There is nothing wrong with having a target to shoot for. I believe that unless there is a vision and a bigger purpose, then reaching a goal will feel empty. Goals help us, but if they don’t align with our higher vision and purpose then it will require much more force and energy to accomplish.

I have set goals and achieved them. I have had a vision for things I wanted to achieve and have come close to that vision. There was differences in the two scenarios for me. Goals carry a stress or anxiety with them. There is a constant measuring that takes place. With that measuring, there can be a feeling of failure. I do realize that when we get close to our goals we can also have pride and confidence that propels us. There is a constant judgement on where we stand in relation to a goal. A goal is usually a linear process: A plus B equals C.

Vision is different.

When vision is applied with feeling it becomes a power to draw upon as opposed to a target we must strive for. It also allows us the freedom to explore and discover as we go. Vision opens possibilities. When we let go of strict goals, we allow the possibility of even better things to happen.

Goals are the opposite of being open.

I think we limit ourselves with goals. We limit the potential we have and waste energy instead of creating energy. I guess vision and goals could be used together, but goals should be landmarks on the way to your vision. When I quit setting goals I started getting closer to my vision. This may not be for everyone… but it is for me.


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2 thoughts on “Goals vs. Vision

  1. Tim! Holy Crap. I can totally relate to this. I have always had a really hard time with goals. I have always carried so much stress and anxiety about them, and then I most often end up feeling like a failure. What you have to say about having vision instead of goals really resonates with me. I want to shift my focus to having vision instead. Also, I listened to your first pod cast. Twice. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Helen, I’m telling you, shifting from hard goals to a vision gave me the freedom to allow for greater things to happen. Thanks for the reply!

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