Q: What does Tim talk about?

Tim has a variety of topics that he speaks on and is able to customize his message to your group. Topics can be utilized as a keynote speech or combined with one another to create an incredible half, or full-day training. A few examples are:

  • Narrow the Gap: Based on Tim’s live two-day event, this keynote takes the audience on a wild ride that challenges the them to leave their comfort zone and discover what they’re really capable of when willing to commit fully.
  • Becoming Magnetic: Learn how being truly authentic and accessing your unique advantages are the secret ingredient to growing your business and attracting a loyal following.
  • Inspiration vs. Information: In an age of information, learn the how to connect to genuine inspiration and utilize the benefits in your life and business.
  • Unlock Your Einstein: Create your own, “secret sauce” and discover your flow, your rare air… your genius.
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Q: Where does Tim speak?

You’ll find Tim at: private events, corporate events, annual conferences & conventions, seminars, large & small businesses, leadership trainings & events, college & high school graduation ceremonies, athletic award ceremonies, high school assemblies, fund-raising events, and more!


Q: Why should I hire Tim to speak at my event or business, and how is he different from other speakers?

Tim walks the talk. He speaks about authenticity, connecting to your gut to get inspired information, creating a life based on inspired information, and having a responsibility to deliver your highest and best value… and, he works daily to make sure he’s actually doing these things. As a semi-introvert, Tim isn’t a natural “stage guy.” He feels that he has a responsibility to influence others to achieve their potential using his life experiences as an example. So, he’s made it his mission to build a life where he can do just that. With plenty of, “David and Goliath-like experiences,” Tim can relate to any audience no matter their age, industry, or situation. Your audience is sure to be moved and inspired by his unorthodox approach and passion for life.

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Q: What is Narrow the Gap?

“Narrow the Gap” has two functions here at A Man Named Tim, Inc. Not only is it the title of Tim’s most sought-after keynote speech, but it is also the name of his live, two-day event. At the event, attendees dive deep into Tim’s principles, getting a roadmap that guides them toward one mission: To go from where they are currently, to the place they ultimately aspire to be using their own secret formula!


Q: What is the Fascination Advantage?

The Fascination Advantage® is a tool that Tim uses to help others discover how the world sees them, in order to deliver their highest and best value at any given time. It was created by marketing guru, Sally Hogshead. In the fall of 2014, Tim flew to Orlando to take a training course and become a Fascination Advantage® Certified Advisor. Now, he uses this amazing tool at his private trainings and live events to help attendees become authentic and magnetic in their personal life and in business.