Moving to Montana: Words from the Wife

                        So we moved to Montana.  It’s a little like, “We bought a zoo,” except that we actually bring the zoo with us.  The how and the why we uprooted our whole family is another blog post, but I feel like I need to […]

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Yoga on a cliff

Why Narrow The Gap?

The principle of Narrowing the Gap is vital to every single person’s existence. As a society, we are living small lives. Our belief in our abilities does not match the truth of our capabilities, a true crisis of potential. Generally speaking, we’re way to satisfied with average. We are leaving so much on the table […]

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Celine 2

Lessons from Celine Dion?

In January of 2012 my mind was blown by the most unlikely source: Celine Dion. I took the staff of Dudley Chiropractic to Vegas for the weekend for a seminar. My brother Cam scored me some tickets to see Celine’s show at Caesar’s while we were in town. Being Canadian, I was feeling like I could […]

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Trains on Track

Authenticity: 6 Signs You’re Off Track

More people in this new economy are becoming entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or some kind of “neur.” The point is, we can no longer hide in a cubicle and work away sliding under the radar. E-commerce is growing at a blistering rate and, like it or not, you’re going to have to  fully commit to it at […]

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Jumper at Sunset

What are you capable of? Really…

When I was growing up there was one phrase that could inspire me and piss me off all at the same time. My parents always said, “You have so much potential.” I innately knew that I did, and the statement would serve as a reminder that I wasn’t meeting that potential, or that I fell […]

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