The most terrifyingly vulnerable post ever… (words from the wife)

During this special season, I feel so grateful for all of you, and for the many ways that my life has been richly blessed by all of you.  I don’t tend to be outwardly effusive about my innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but as this year comes to an end, I feel strongly that I’d […]

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Fall colors always make me happy.

What to do when Plan A falls through and there is no Plan B (Words from the Wife)

Wow, that title makes it sound like I might know what to say.  “A how to” on what to do when 5 months of your life,  a huge goal/dream, and thousands of dollars go down the drain suddenly, and quite inexplicably. Well I don’t.  All I can do is tell you our experiences. We have […]

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That was a river… (more words from the wife)

Remember being in love for the first time?  The indescribable feelings of all being right with the world?  The absolute conviction that THIS IS IT?  Do you also remember your heart breaking and wondering how you will get over it?   Most of us have had that experience, and somehow, we heal,  move on and usually […]

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The trail on the North Forty, back 26 acres

Apparently 57 Qualifies as Balmy

Yesterday, we were out driving around Whitefish.  The sun came out, and it was nice.  As in, I didn’t need a coat over my flannel shirt and jeans to be warm.  However, we did see a shirtless man out walking his dogs.  Maybe getting a tan?  Storing up vitamin D for the long winter ahead? […]

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A Quiet Day in the Cabin : Words from the Wife

Today is day four.  I am finally starting to feel like I’m getting my feet back under me.  Today it is quiet in this little cabin in the woods.  Today, the kids are all at school.  Today, the sun came out…literally.  Today feels good. After arriving at 1:00 in the morning, we were all dog […]

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