Overcoming our human condition is the price we must pay to access genius.

Does the word “genius” do justice for what is available to us? No. We have the Creator of everything as our guide! Everything we discover is a mere spec in the universe in relation to what’s available to us.

We are each endowed with creative abilities that would make us shudder if we knew their extent.

To say we have our own “genius” doesn’t even convey the whole story. We have God in us. We also have a lot of MAN in us. We need our MAN/WOMAN-ness in order to carry out our divine nature, but it also really screws us up! The secret to overcoming some of our human characteristics is to access our creative gifts of divinity.

What do you feel when you are told you have amazing gifts and the ability to create?

Does the idea feel blasphemous? Exciting? Is there a part of you that knows it’s the truth? I bet you feel like you’ve been playing a little small in this world… I do.

If you’ve ever felt:

– A restless discontent.

– A gnawing in your gut to do more or create something that matters.

– A desire to leave your mark.


You’ve also probably received directional signs leading you to your responsibility. Your responsibility is to find, develop, and serve others with your unique talents, creations, and ideas!

You must discover your creative nature and uncover your special contributions.

This isn’t about finding your purpose, following your heart, or laws of abundance and attraction. Those may be results or tools that you use on your journey, but they aren’t my intent. My intent is to help you recognize that everything you need is already in place.

This recognition will allow you to access the tools you need to unlock your own genius and avoid the pitfalls that are sure to show up along your way. When you think of people who had a massive impact on our world, its easy to go all cliché. If I hear another Steve Jobs story I may take a pen and stab it in my ear! Bookshelves are full of these stories and the wisdom is undeniable.

These books sell millions of copies, we read them, yet continue to do the same dumb stuff and practice the same old habits. Our society often defines these people as extra-gifted and ultra-talented even though we know deep down that we’re all capable of greatness. 

If you make the commitment to Narrow the Gap, you’ll be capable of more than you can imagine. When you discover your own divine and creative nature, you will have access to your own genius.

Go behind the chutes with Tim Dudley and Dan Caldwell to learn what it takes to Narrow The Gap…

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