Today is day four.  I am finally starting to feel like I’m getting my feet back under me.  Today it is quiet in this little cabin in the woods.  Today, the kids are all at school.  Today, the sun came out…literally.  Today feels good.


After arriving at 1:00 in the morning, we were all dog tired.  I’m talking weary to the bone.  When we woke up on Tuesday, we ate the meager food we had packed, and got busy unloading the things we most needed.  This was more difficult than it sounds, as I had several boxes labeled “pantry” or “food”, and I was unsure about what exactly was in them.  Let this be a lesson to you when you move.  1.  Pack your own pantry.  (Sorry Steph, I love you, but I should have just done it myself).  2.  Don’t let your friends start throwing boxes in the truck all willy-nilly.  I mean there was supposed to be a system. But it got thrown out the window when the truck was bigger than we originally planned, and the bikes took up less space than we thought, and pretty soon it was a free for all.  Not that I am ungrateful for the help.  I’m not.  Just a bit controlling.  Don’t judge me.

Anyhow, eventually we wound up with most the clothes, food, and toiletries we needed in the house.  We organized the kids rooms, put away stuff, and then went downtown Whitefish to explore and look around.  We made a Costco run, and collapsed into bed that night.  When we woke up, a cold front had moved in, and we were all pretty dang cold.  Especially me, since my shoe box was still buried somewhere in the truck, and all I had were flip flops.  We decided to go to the schools in Columbia Falls, and enroll the kids.  The idea was that we would send them there, as we believed that was where we would be going to church.  We got all the paperwork, and then tried to find some help unloading our truck.  Incidentally, we were adding our realtor, banker, and my sister in Canada as the emergency contacts on the kid’s paperwork.  Ha.  So weird.

The boys managed to find a few minutes to fish
The boys managed to find a few minutes to fish

At this point, things took an unexpected turn.  We got in touch with someone from the church in Whitefish.  He just happened to be the Bishop, who in fact, teaches school at Whitefish High School.  He said he would check on boundaries, but that he thought we’d be in his ward.  In fact, they had been praying for families to move into their ward.  Well, we met some people from the church, met the boys ages 12-18 who were getting ready to go do an Eagle Scout project, and we decided that we’d go with Whitefish.  This decision was aided by the fact that all the kids felt good about it, and having cute boys in the ward, didn’t hurt our 16 year old’s enthusiasm.

So instead of starting school the next day in Columbia Falls, we went through the enrollment process again in Whitefish.  They had already started school last week, so the kids (actually I) was anxious about that.  The schools wanted a day to get the schedules for Josh and Piper, and the elementary teachers needed to prepare cubbies, name tags, etc for the littles.  So yesterday only Tatym went to school.  By 5pm she had a date to Homecoming in 2 weeks.

First Day...well almost
First Day…well almost

Josh attended football practice yesterday, and met some kids, so he was feeling less anxious about today. Piper and Cooper were ready to go meet new friends, and Marlo was pretty scared. I have been thinking about them all day, wondering how it is going.  It’s such a huge deal to change schools, find new friends, and feel uncomfortable.  While Tim and I are anxious for them and want them to be okay emotionally, we are very happy that they get the opportunity to do something this hard together.  We have noticed that they are bonding together, and empathizing with each other’s fears, and hopes.  Plus adapting is just a great life skill.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses though.  In fact, even though Tatym came home from school with a date, she had a very hard time last night.  As exciting and interesting as it is, she also feels lonely, and wants to share these experiences with her friends in Boise.  There is no denying that this is hard for all of us, but we have had tremendous peace during the ups and downs.  We are under no illusions that we won’t all have these down days, and feel sad.  It’s definitely part of the process.

Now, some weird details.  The things you want to know, or don’t know you want to know, but can appreciate.  So our little cabin in the woods, is very cute.  It is also very decorated.  I am a minimalist.  I don’t do doo-dads, chotchkies, or any of those other made up words that my spell checker hates.  This cabin is ridiculously full of them.  In addition to the wildlife displays.  I had to box some of it up just to put food in pantry.  On close inspection, I realized that this house is not very clean, but I’m trying not to get all OCD about it.  Why should I care that there is a thick layer of dust on everything not regularly touched??

IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0731









Seriously, what IS all this stuff?




So that was my thought, but today I decided maybe I’d do a little cleaning.  What I had to use to clean here disturbs me.  This crappy little hobbit broom, and a smelly shop vac with no suction. Blah.

Notice the miniature size of the broom.
                       Notice the miniature size of the broom.


TV?  Hello 1990.  Check this bad boy out.  There is one in the master just like it.  Needless to say, I haven’t even turned it on.  The kids have watched the tv downstairs a bit, but it’s a hilarious joke how few channels there are.  I love it.


Bears.  Yep.  Yesterday while walking the North Forty property, I heard a weird sound.  I stopped, felt myself being watched, and then looked up, way up into a tree, and saw 2 bears hanging out up in it.  They were black bears, thankfully.  So I wasn’t too worried.  However as I stood there watching them, it occurred to me, that maybe they were up a tree to avoid a big aggressive grizzly bear, so then I freaked myself out a little bit.  I think it’s probably unusual for bears to be on the property, as it really is so close to the highway, but seeing them made Tim more determined than ever to close this deal, and get going.  Perhaps our trails will have to have “Beware of Bears”, signs on them.

Hard to see, but I wasn't getting closer!!
Hard to see, but I wasn’t getting closer!!










Now if you will excuse me, I have knick-knacks to dust…or hide.

6 thoughts on “A Quiet Day in the Cabin : Words from the Wife

  1. This was so fun to read. We may be heading out on our own adventure soon, but with spiders & snakes, not bears. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are the best and most hilarious writer I know. I’m glad your move to becoming a wilderness family is benefitting me. (By reading and laughing that is). Love you guys.

  3. you are making me wish that we had taken a chance and made a huge move. I think this is great! I love living vicaricily through you. Keep your chin up. The kids will do great! I moved to Boise when I was 13. I cried all the way to the border is how my mom remembers it. It was so scary and you know what? It was the best thing that ever happened and I have refused to ever go back to Utah!

  4. I’m so glad the kids are meeting people and making friends. It’s so good for them to go through all of it. Can’t wait to hear more adventures.

  5. Look at you guys embracing the wild! I love it! Hearing your great stories makes you guys feel still part of our ward. Thanks for being so diligent in your writings . I know it’s crazy busy for ya all!

  6. I just LOVE that youre fullfilling your dreams and living through it. I love reading and laughing about all you adventures. Your family is so close and so strong that this can only bond you more. love you.

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