There has been a lot of information and opinion written on the topic of flow. It’s described as the mysterious state where we achieve things we didn’t think were possible, and can suddenly tap into a well of unseen abilities and skills. This post is a portion of my spin on that principle.

We all want to be authentic. But how do we know when we’re doing it, what it looks like, and how it feels?

Here are 6 signs you’re being authentic:

1. You’re inspired.

When you take place in an activity that uses your authentic goodness, you feel inspired. You’re glad to do it and receive a sense of adding value. If your unique gifts are managing details and numbers, and a local group you care about wants you to be their treasurer, you won’t dread the task. In fact, you may come up with a new, revised system that saves time and loads of money!

You may spend a whole weekend on the project and do it all for free. Why? You’re inspired by the task and can use your unique advantages to accomplish it.

2. Time disappears.

Think about a conversation you had recently that an hour or more passed, you looked at the clock and said, “Holy crap! I can’t believe it, it seems like 10 minutes.” These moments are key to discovering your authenticity.

Sally Hogshead calls times like these, being in your wellspring…

3. You follow your bliss.

Joseph Campbell tells us that in order to achieve meaning you must follow your bliss. This is the flip-side to ignoring your passions and hobbies. We all have to provide for ourselves and our families, and it isn’t always wise to just quit your job (like I did) to follow your bliss.

However, you can incorporate your passion into your everyday life more often. Remember, you don’t get the big bucks for WHAT you do, you get them for WHO you are!

4. You have really powerful feelings.

Your wonderful brain always wants to work stuff out, think things through, and be logical. This can be an enemy to finding and using authenticity. We’re really good at surviving, but past that we’re not very skilled at finding meaning, which is where authenticity lies.

Meaning is found through the discovery of self, and self is the essence of authenticity. Feelings are the authenticity indicator wired into each one of us. I can still hear Wayne Dyer in my head, repeating over and over, “I want to feel good. Which is saying, I want to feel God.”

As you search for how to live in a way that is congruent with your real self, the best guide is your feelings. As you actively choose to feel good and take part in things that generate this feeling, it becomes easier to find your wellspring.

HINT: Take stock in how you feel many times throughout the day. Do you feel happy and inspired, or sad and hopeless? Journaling these feelings is powerful, and noticing the times you’re feeling good can help in connecting the dots. Those dots provide you with a map to discovering authenticity!

5. You’re getting miracles instead of just results.

I’ve read and studied a lot of pretty cool dudes who I respect. That TOMS guy is cool with all that he’s done. That Apple guy was alright and said some okay stuff. However, I really like Steven Pressfield and Wayne Dyer…

When we dissect the works of guys like them, we often see someone who is very genuine and authentic. That doesn’t mean they were all saintly, let’s get that out of the way now. Some people were real jerks, but they were true to that part of themselves and took the gifts they had and leveraged the crap out of them.

When you tap into your authentic self, you have the ability to create miracles! Your authentic self comes from quite the abundant source. The same source that put you in that crazy little sperm that outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed all the others in order to make you.

If you’re currently settling for results, quit… those are too easy.

6. You’re called, “grounded.”

When you’re rooted in who you are, people will recognize this as being grounded. It’s a silent confidence, not cockiness, that you know you have enough.

Building a foundation on YOU is the best place to build it because wherever you go, there you are; grounded in authenticity and ready to create miracles.



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