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"Tim’s presence on the stage is magnetic. His ability to create an authentic connection with his audience through personal experiences gives him enormous power to change lives. Tim meets you where you’re at, challenges you to aspire to more, and gives you the ability to achieve miraculous results."

Megan Bryant

Founder - Idaho Laugh Fest

"I've had the chance to hear Tim speak on a couple of occasions now, and each time has been captivating and inspiring. A great speaker harnesses the ability to recant personal tales with an angle that can touch the audiences unique interests regardless of subject matter. Tim's presentation style does just that."

Dan Caldwell

Co-Founder & President - TapouT

"Tim has this special ability to connect deeply with his audience. This is the most critical step when acting as a catalyst for positive change in people's lives. That ability combined with his personal message, makes him an incredibly effective speaker and mentor."

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Tim's Story

Tim Dudley’s unique experiences have shaped him into the unconventional speaker and leader he is today. As a doctor of chiropractic and father of five, his wide range of personal experiences create a highly compelling message and a magnetic presence on the stage. Tim has never been afraid to, “go against the grain.” After 16 years consistently growing his business, he answered the call, and got into writing, speaking, and mentoring.

Tim is fed up with the notion that there is only 1 way to do things to be successful.  His philosophy and real life experience has taught him how to leverage his unique strengths, and that is what he is passionate about conveying to others.  His world class training and his perspective helps him teach others to identify and leverage their unique advantages. Whether standing in front of a large audience or connecting with his clients individually, Tim teaches the principles of authenticity, trusting your gut, and taking action in order to achieve miraculous results. He offers cutting-edge training that will help you Narrow the Gap from where you are currently, to where you’re capable of being, not only in business but in your life.

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